Paris4You - Showing you beautiful ParisBonjour et bienvenue!

Paris4you is a boutique concierge service catering for your needs while in Paris. Here you are in a great city of lights, love and romance. So many things have been told about Paris, so many clichés and yet most of it is true. If it is your first visit most likely you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and grandeur of Paris.

There are so many things to see, sometimes it is nearly impossible to choose. French call it "l'embarras du choix", too much of a choice.

Given that most of us have a limited amount of time and let's face it, of money, the question is where to start. What are the most important monuments, museums, streets, walks, etc. Like you I felt a bit helpless during my first visits and wasted an endless amount of time. But with time comes the experience. Some areas, streets, restaurants, museums, became my favourites. And the love story goes on, and on, and on...

In my blogs I will try to bring you "my" Paris, the way I see it .The places I like, the history that has been told or is still waiting to be told.


King Henry IV of France"Paris vaut bien une messe”, Paris is well worth the mass.  Those words are attributed to the great French King, Henry IV. Who was he, the hero of a French history, the "Good King"?

He was born 13 December 1553 and was King of Navarre from 1572 to 1610 and King of France from 1589 to 1610. He was the first French monarch to the house of Bourbon. As a “Huguenot”, Protestant, Henry was involved in a French Wars of Religion. Barely escaping death during the Bartholomeus night massacre he later on renounced Protestantism in order to bring peace to his country. His acceptance of Catholicism enabled him to become a King of France. He was crowned at the Cathedral of Chartres on 27 February 1594.

Henry restored Paris as a great city with the Pont Neuf, Place Royale (place des Vosges today). He also added the Grande Galerie to the Louvre Palace.

PlaqueBut his greatest achievement was the ending of religious Wars between Catholics and Protestants and the reunification of France.

While in Paris go to la Rue de la Ferronnerie in the 1st district. Give the last homage to the great King of France assassinated on 14 May 1610.

The history of King Henry is worthy of being told.